Higher Prices at the Pump

CEO of Mountain Express Oiil provides price insight

ALPHARETTA, GA – (April 30, 2021) CEO of Mountain Express Oil Company Provides Insight
Turjo Wadud, CEO of Mountain Express Oil Company(MEX), is keeping everyone up-to-date on gasoline trends in his latest interview with Fox 5 Atlanta. As people return to the outdoors and plan their summer road trips, Wadud warns that drivers will be paying a higher price for gasoline this year. The increased prices at the pump are due to a shortage in truck drivers, many of whom retired or resigned during the pandemic when there was a lesser need for gasoline, resulting in fewer deliveries.

Now, with fewer truck drivers available to transport gasoline, consumers will face the consequences in the form of higher fuel prices. Wadud states, “With increase in demand and not a lot of increase in supply, and then you take a shortage of drivers, you’ll see a major increase in fuel pricing.” How will MEX overcome these obstacles? Mountain Express Oil Company has plans to acquire new companies and hire more truck drivers to combat the shortage.