Mountain Express Store #220

Mountain Express Oil Company is a Georgia corporation based in Acworth, GA involved in the wholesale distribution of gasoline, diesel fuels, racing fuels, renewable fuels, oils, lubricants, real estate, quick serve restaurants (Dunkin Donuts), and c-store operating businesses in the Southeast. Mountain Express is a family owned company that was founded in 2000 by Barry and Gail Bierenbaum on the principles to provide its customers with unparallel access, service and support.

Previously Barry spent 16 years in senior management with Mobil providing him the experience in real estate, operations, marketing, management and merchandising that he’s utilized to grow MEO into a best-in-class fuel distribution company. The Company provides petroleum products to stores it owns and third party locations soon to be over 300 locations in seven states, which allow operators to access the oil and freight companies that MEO has long standing working relationships. Additionally, MEO positions individual c-stores that can be acquired and operated by third party dealers.

Gail and Barry’s core philosophy is to provide the support and resources needed to create a best-in-market store for all of its supply partners. By providing this attention to detail, it offers everyone affiliated with Mountain Express the ability to maximize their value and profitability.

Barry currently is a member of Exxon/Mobil's wholesale advisory council and has served in the past on Chevron, Texaco and Marathon wholesale advisory councils.