Grounded in history and experience, our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives.  Working with each other and with our partners across the country, we come together to make a difference for all our stakeholders.

We’re a different kind of oil company. Our priority is to be relatable to our partners—from the novice investor to the seasoned owner with multiple locations.

Our growth vision includes expanding into new regions as well as exploring and developing markets.

We encourage you to browse our website, read about our exciting business and learn more about what we do. You’ll find that we are in many ways unique, with philosophies that combine old-fashioned principles with modern thinking and technology.

Energy begins here.

  • 2022

    MEX enters the New York market with the purchase of 20 gas stations and C-stores

    MEX enters the New York market with the purchase of 20 gas stations and C-stores spanning from Manhattan to Long Island and Queens

  • 2021

    MEX enters New Jersey and Pennsylvania with the purchase of 14 Sunoco stations

    MEX enters New Jersey and Pennsylvania with the purchase of 14 Sunoco stations

  • 2021

    MEX acquires West Hill Ranch Group

    MEX acquires West Hill Ranch Group to establish retail operations segment and bolster senior management team by forming Operating Committee

  • 2020

    Pipeline to acquire 100 sites

    Robust pipeline to acquire >100 sites by year and add over 100m gallons

  • 2020

    Lamar Frady and Turjo Wadud become 100% owners of MEX

    Lamar Frady and Turjo Wadud become 100% owners of MEX via debt recapitalization

  • 2018

    Barry & Gail establish a Stock Redemption Plan to transition ownership interest to Senior Management

    Barry & Gail establish a stock redemption plan to slowly transition ownership interest to the existing Senior Management: Lamar Frady & Turjo Wadud

  • 2015

    Lamar Frady and Turjo Wadud become equity partners

    Lamar Frady and Turjo Wadud become equity partners in MEX

  • 2015

    MEX takes back operations of 33 sites

    MEX takes back operations of 33 sites from Empire Petroleum after a lease default

  • 2010

    51 sites under operation

    51 sites under operation

  • 2010

    MEX sells business to Empire Petroleum Partners

    MEX sells business to Empire Petroleum Partners

  • 2003

    Lamar Frady Begins Career at MEX

    Lamar Frady begins career at MEX after successful corporate banking center and developing over $40m of convenience store locations

  • 2003

    Turjo Wadud Begins Career at MEX

    Turjo Wadud begins career at MEX as a consultant focused on business development and dealer relations

  • 2000

    One site under operation

    One site was under operation

  • 2000

    MEX founded by Barry & Gail Bierenbaum

    MEX was founded by Barry & Gail Bierenbaum after selling distributorship in St. Louis, Missouri


The strength of a company lies with its people. At Mountain Express Oil Company, our staff is our greatest asset. Let’s connect and grow together.


Executive Team

Dustin Martin - Mountain Express Oil Company
Executive V.P. / Chief Operations Officer
Dennis Kirk - Mountain Express Oil Company
President of Travel Centers
Brandon Frampton - Mountain Express Oil Company
President of Field Operations
Douglas Blankenship - Mountain Express Oil Company
Chief People Officer
Neil Lansing - Mountain Express Oil Company
General Counsel

Executive Assistants

Kendra Mull
Executive Assistant
Megan Burke - Mountain Express Oil Company
Megan Burke
Executive Assistant
Tisha Kabir - Mountain Express Oil Company
Tisha Kabir
Executive Assistant

Senior Leadership

Daniel Turcot
Senior Support Specialist
Audra Stevens - Mountain Express Oil Company
Audra Stevens
Senior Support Specialist
Derrick Cane - Mountain Express Oil Company
Derrick Cain
Senior Support Specialist

Accounting Team

Coming Soon
Bryant Genesi
VP of Finance
Coming Soon
Stephanie Henderson
Robert Jones - Mountain Express Oil Company
Robert Jones
Denise Jones - Mountain Express Oil Company
Denise Jones
Wholesale Treasurer

Retail Operations Team

Mike Cairns - Mountain Express Oil Company
Mike Cairns
VP of Marketing
Tracy Roesler - Mountain Express Oil Company
Tracy Roesler
VP of Retail Operations
Bryan Stewart - Mountain Express Oil Company
Bryan Stewart
VP of Travel Centers


Steven Thomas - Mountain Express Oil Company
Steven Thomas
Director of Operations – West
Mark North
General Manager-Adelphi Transport
Coming Soon
Sharik Islam
Director of Operations – East


Vipul Patel - Mountain Express Oil Company
Vipul Patel
Director of Sales

Case Studies

Truck Stop Starts New Sales

Branded Kickoff

You See Growth; We Get You There

Renovation Creates Revenue


Truck Stop Starts New Sales

Mountain Express Oil Company Site 425

This site was first discovered as a rundown gas station with an attached restaurant. Because of the size of the land and the proximity to the highway, Mountain Express Oil Company saw the potential this site had for a truck stop.

During the construction phase, our team installed brand new gas and diesel pumps. We also updated the grounds to accommodate the trucking community by adding outdoor tables for dining and an expansive lot for a rest stop area. Along with these changes, Mountain Express Oil aided in getting multiple food programs set up at this site to drive more traffic.

This site`s launch was so successful, the line of cars coming to fill up was backed all the way to the highway. This site continues to have a high volume of gas and diesel sales and high in-store sales.

Branded Kickoff

Mountain Express Oil Company Texaco Store #161

Pinal and his sons ran multiple successful stores with Mountain Express Oil Company. Site 161 was one of the first Georgia Texaco locations to introduce Cash/Credit pricing when we launched our Nationwide Kick Off for Texaco in 2012.

Pinal`s stores are also home to third party food programs such as Dunkin Donuts, Pranzarelli`s Pizza, and many more opportunities that can be made available with our assistance.

After working both locations for many years and purchasing their own land- Pinal and his sons were able to sell their stores and lease out the property to focus on their families and other business ventures that come their way.

You See Growth; We Get You There

Mountain Express South Texas 76 Package

Mountain Express Oil Company has expanded all over the nation over the years, and as we began our expansion into South Texas, we were presented with 3 very distressed stores. We were able to partner with a dealer who was just as determined to turn these around as we were.

The Mountain Express Project Management department organized a complete facelift for all three stores consisting of brand-new pumps, repainting the canopy, and beautifying the property grounds. This gave these 3 stores a fresh and inviting feel for all consumers to feel welcomed.

Our Operations Team assisted with aggressive pricing and local marketing to make these three stores so profitable the dealer was able to purchase another distressed 8 store package to revamp with MEX.

This has made the dealer a successful business owner of 11 of the best MEX 76 branded stores in South Texas. This is a mirror to Turjo`s (President of Mountain Express Oil Company) vision for the company, taking distressed sites, improve the lot, the building, the branding, and make them grow!

Renovation Creates Revenue

Mountain Express Exxon Store #220

Mountain Express Oil Company originally discovered this store as a low volume Shell station in foreclosure with a dealer on the verge of bankruptcy. We acted, and with valiant effort we brought this store all the way to 120k gallons per month and doubled their inside sales.

Mountain Express provided rebranding opportunities for this location. With help from our Operations Team, we successfully turned this deteriorating Shell into a growing Texaco.

With all the improvements, Mountain Express still knew this location could do more. We reevaluated the location and determined branding this site Exxon and introducing other programs would cause this site to skyrocket. With the help of Exxon`s Gift Card Program and Mountain Express’s assistance with getting a third-party food program to drive sales, this location, the dealer, and his family are very successful.

They now own two MEX locations, and with all the money they have made, they were able to put their two children through college.


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