Turjo Wadud - Mountain Express Oil

Turjo Wadud

CEO | Mountain Express Oil Company

As CEO and Co-Owner of Mountain Express Oil Company (MEX), Turjo Wadud brings a wealth of experience spanning the wholesale distribution of gasoline and fuels, real estate and retail operations. However, his history with the Acworth, Georgia-based corporation dates back decades, with the energetic, young entrepreneur essentially growing up in the industry, assisting his dealer father behind-the-scenes at several new stores, doing independent consultant work for MEX and opening his first store at the age of 19.

Relentless in all his endeavors, Wadud did not stop with those early achievements and launched several companies in different industries—including home entertainment, fitness, finance and gaming—all before the age of 25.

Fast forward, and a lot of exciting things have happened in that time for the Bangladesh-born, New York-raised, Atlanta transplant. After attending Long Island City High School and graduating from the magnetic program at Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia, Wadud continued his upper education at Georgia State University. He eventually departed the traditional university setting to help his father in the field and credits much of his business acumen and education to hands-on training and “MEX” University.

Not one to stay in his comfort zone, Wadud is not your stereotypical oil and gas executive—bringing a fresh perspective and exciting energy to the field. A firm believer in ensuring that everyone at the table wins, he prides himself on building strong relationships with everyone he meets, from the gas station operators to investors and the nearly 40 employees and growing at MEX. As a result, the hard-working visionary has amassed a strong track record of accomplishments from putting together deals resulting in transacting over a billion U.S. dollars in funds to the most recent management buyout in 2020—becoming a 50 percent stakeholder in the company with MEX CEO, Lamar Frady. Together the two have built MEX into a multi-billion-dollar company since their purchase and takeover of MEX in March 2020.

Given his legacy-driven nature, Wadud thrives on giving back. Specifically, he finds tremendous satisfaction in helping dealers and operators—many of whom are new immigrants to the country—get their businesses to the next phase, letting them know that he understands what the experience of building something from the ground up entails. He also hopes to attract a new generation of oil and gas entrepreneurs and help them grow, which he finds incredibly exciting. It is this commitment and determination that landed Wadud as one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Top CEO’s of the Year, 2021 in the Oil, Gas and Energy category. 

While no two days are alike, Wadud spends much of his time overseeing active acquisitions, leading the company in fundraising and real estate, focusing on operator relations and working on different joint ventures across the country, including a major land development deal in Tennessee. As for what is on the horizon, he has lofty goals for himself and Mountain Express Oil, including growing the company to a billion gallons, which is rare in his industry, and eventually taking the company public.

In his free time, Wadud enjoys catching up with his wife over breakfast daily, watching his two sons play soccer and pursuing his horology hobby.